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Zinc Diethylphosphinate
Product name:
Zinc Diethylphosphinate
English name:
Zinc Diethylphosphinate
HS code:
Product introduction:
I. Product introduction: new model flame retardant YT-ZDP950 zinc Diethylphosphinate is white free-running powder. It is slightly soluble in water and common organic solvents. Product features: high phosphorus content, halogen-free, good compatibility with polymer.
II. Technical index:
Appearance: white free-running powder;  content of active substance: 99 (%), phosphorus content /%(w/w): 19.5~21.0;
Zinc content /%(w/w): 20.5~22.0
Moisture and low-volatile matter/%(w/w): < 0.5; bulk density /kg/m3: 350~550;
Decomposition temperature (℃)(TGA 1% weight loss): >350;
III. Application: New model organophosphorus series high-efficient halogen-free flame retardant YT-ZDP950 has features including high phosphorus content, halogen-free, good compatibility with polymer. It is suitable for the halogen-free flame retardant modification of polyester film and polyester fiber. It is especially suitable for PET fiber textiles and PET film system.
YT-ZDP950 is flame retarant for thermoplastic plastics and artifical fibers.
IV. Packing: paper-plastic composite bag, lined with plastic bag, net weight 20kg.

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